A quick overview of our story:

October 2007 – The first meeting of the Montreal Homelearners group.  Soon after, we built a website so that people were able to find and join us.  We started to organize field trips and other activities.

2008-2009 – Organized more field trips and activities.  Met at the Baha’i centre on Thursdays in the winter months.

September 2009 – Registered Centre Communidée as a non-profit organization and opened a part-time version: we rented a classroom with kitchen and a gym on Tuesdays and Fridays.

March 2011 – Moved into our full-time space on St-Ferdinand.

Summer 2012 – Started running summer camps to help pay the summer rent.

December 2013 – There was an empty room next to us and we were given this lovely work table so… we decided it was time to expand!  Volunteers from the community built a wall to the Atelier and our very own toilet.  We opened the Atelier in February 2014 with equipment and supplies for pottery, sewing and woodworking.

Winter 2015 – Built a guerilla skating rink in the park.

January to June 2015 – Yves boat project: we helped to build a 25-foot sailboat!

Spring 2015 – We convinced the landlord to clear out an area by the side of the building and we built a compost and an amazing vegetable garden.

Summer 2015 – Medieval camp!

Summer 2015 – Sailing camp!

Fall 2015 – Halloween play, McGill medical imaging lab, Student Vote, and fishing at the Lachine Canal.

Fall 2015 – We started doing track and field in the park, eventually taking a team to a school track meet.

Summer 2016 – Flying camp and building camp!

Fall 2016 – Bike trips, including an overnight trip to Oka.

Fall 2016 – More track and field.

Winter 2017 – The city of Montreal put a full skating rink in the park beside the centre!  We built a zamboni and played lots of hockey 🙂

Winter 2017 – A trip to La Foret Perdue and winter camping!

Spring 2017 – A trip to Quebec city.

Spring 2017 – Mock United Nations, Murder Mysteries and a theatre production of “And then there was one”.

Fall 2017 – We rented a bus and went to Quebec City to support AQED and share our thoughts with the government re: Bill 144.

Fall 2017 – A trip to Mont Ham 🙂

Fall 2017 – Rowing in the Olympic basin, model UN, a theatre production of “Imperial Nosh” and the Christmas party.

Fall 2017 – We started a petition and collected over 650 signatures for access to the field in Louis-Cyr park and in support of installing an ice rink there again.  We presented our petition at the city council meeting and were told that we would have access to the field in the spring or summer and a rink next winter!

Winter 2018 – Back to La Foret Perdue and winter camping!

Spring 2018 – Murder Mystery…

September 2018 – We opened the teen room!

December 2018 – We installed a new kitchen!  Ikea generously donated the lower cabinets and countertop.

Winter 2019 – La Foret Perdue, MariMUN, and the Valentine’s dance party ♥