Programmes d’études

Où trouver des programmes d’études à Montreal et les environs:

Nous avons un grand bibliothèque de prêt au Centre Communidée: des manuels scolaires de toutes sortes, des livres au sujet de l’apprentissage en famille, ainsi que beaucoup de fiction.  Les membres peuvent emprunter des livres jusqu’à un mois à la fois.

Chapters / Indigo ont une section de programmes d’études dans les deux langues, plutôt à la niveau primaire.

Brault & Bouthillier – un magasin de fournitures éducatives vendant des programmes d’études, des jouets et des fournitures d’artisanat.

Librairie Guerin – un éditeur de programmes d’études primaires et secondaires.

Chenelière Éducation – un éditeur de programmes d’études primaires et secondaires.

Les Éditions CEC – un éditeur de programmes d’études primaires et secondaires.

Pearson ERPI – un éditeur de programmes d’études primaires et secondaires.

Succès Scolaire – un centre de tutorat à Montréal qui vend des programmes d’études élémentaires.

Distance education programs / pre-fab programs:

Calvert – a non-denominational elementary school in Baltimore that also provides curriculum and distance education for homeschoolers around the world.  Pre-K through grade 8.

Clonlara School – a school in Maine that also provides distance education in elementary and secondary programs.

CNED – a distance education program from France.

Crossroads Christian School – a distance education program from Florida, known to be flexible and cheap.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool – a free online elementary and high school curriculum that is Christian based.

Elementary Planet – an online elementary school out of Ontario.

Global Student Network– an American online program offering a comprehensive curriculum for grades 2 through 12.

IXL – math and english practice for grades 1 to 12, aligned with the Quebec curriculum

Keystone – an American online school offering middle school (6-8) and high school (9-12) courses.

Khan Academy – a free collection of short lectures via video tutorials.

Oak Meadow – complete curricula for Pre-K through 12, as well as online and correspondence programs.

Quebec Online School – An Anglophone Québec based distance learning company that offers support and online classes for elementary and secondary. No English eligibility required.

SOFAD – Quebec’s distance education program, available if one has reached the age of 16 before July 1 of the current school year and is a Québec resident.

The Trent Schools – complete online homeschooling program for grades 1-12, following the US federal guidelines for education.

Virtual High School – a virtual high school offering over 70 secondary courses online, leading to an Ontario high school diploma.

LEARN – an educational foundation which aims to provide access to quality learning material, educational technology and e-learning resources to the Quebec English Education Community.  Those who are registered with a school board can get an account to access the full site.

Provincial Curricula:




British Columbia

Recommended by our community:


Art of Problem Solving – mathematics curriculum is designed for outstanding math students in grades 6-12. Our texts offer broader, deeper, and more challenging instruction than other curricula.

Art of Problem Solving – Beast Academy – challenging math curriculum for students in grades 2-5.

Defi Mathematique / Challenging Math – available at Guerin – FAQ for homeschoolers

Khan Academy – free online math and more!

Life of Fred – math presented through a humorous story

Living Math – an online resource for learning, exploring and enjoying math in a dynamic and holistic manner, for all ages

Math U See – a program written by a homeschool dad for the homeschool community, focusing on real world math

MEP Math – a free program from the UK, both primary and secondary

Saxon Math – a K-12 math program that has been around for over 30 years

Singapore Math – this K-12 program is popular with homeschooling families, and available from Communidée’s library

Reading & Writing

Bob Books – a series of books that guides the child through the earliest stages of reading

Explode the Code – an online program for learning to read, also available in workbooks

Starfall – a free online learn to read program

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons – we have a copy in the Communidée library

World History

The Story of the World – a four-volume series of books with workbooks for elementary students

Crash Course – an online series of videos on topics in history, science and religion


Bill Nye the Science Guy – a collection of science videos for kids

Crash Course – an online series of videos on topics in history, science and religion

Montreal Urban BioKit – download and print a guide to exploring the city’s biodiversity