A quick overview of our story:

October 2007 – The first meeting of the Montreal Homelearners group.  Soon after, we built a website so that people were able to find and join us.  We started to organize field trips and other activities.


2008-2009 – Organized more field trips and activities.  Met at the Baha’i centre on Thursdays in the winter months.


September 2009 – Registered Centre Communidée as a non-profit organization and opened a part-time version: we rented a classroom with kitchen and a gym on Tuesdays and Fridays.


March 2011 – Moved into our full-time space on St-Ferdinand.


Summer 2012 – Started running summer camps to help pay the summer rent.


December 2013 – There was an empty room next to us and we were given this lovely work table so… we decided it was time to expand!  Volunteers from the community built a wall to the Atelier and our very own toilet.  We opened the Atelier in February 2014 with equipment and supplies for pottery, sewing and woodworking.


Winter 2015 – Built a guerilla skating rink in the park.


January to June 2015 – Yves boat project: we helped to build a 25-foot sailboat!


Spring 2015 – We convinced the landlord to clear out an area by the side of the building and we built a compost and an amazing vegetable garden.


Summer 2015 – Medieval camp!


Summer 2015 – Sailing camp!


Fall 2015 – Halloween play, McGill medical imaging lab, Student Vote, and fishing at the Lachine Canal.


Fall 2015 – We started doing track and field in the park, eventually taking a team to a school track meet.


Summer 2016 – Flying camp and building camp!


Fall 2016 – Bike trips, including an overnight trip to Oka.


Fall 2016 – More track and field.


Winter 2017 – The city of Montreal put a full skating rink in the park beside the centre!  We built a zamboni and played lots of hockey 🙂


Winter 2017 – A trip to La Foret Perdue and winter camping!


Spring 2017 – A trip to Quebec city.


Spring 2017 – Mock United Nations, Murder Mysteries and a theatre production of “And then there was one”.