General information

Centre Communidée is a community centre for homeschooling families in the Montreal area. We are open Monday to Friday from September to June. In the summer months, we run a small drop-off day camp.

Parents are responsible for their children while at the centre. Please be present with your children and help them learn to be responsible members of our community.  Please assure that they are not being destructive or disorderly, and that they are consuming shared supplies mindfully and cleaning up after themselves.

Once your child is integrated into the community, you can ask another adult to supervise them for you while you are not at the centre.  Each family can take on the children of one other family.

Communidée is a volunteer-run organization. Each member is asked to contribute what they can: organize an activity, offer a summer camp, work on fundraising, work on the political front, do maintenance work, help with child-minding, and so on.  At a minimum, each member has to participate in daily cleaning and each family has to do one weekend cleaning per year.  Please add your name to the weekend cleaning list on the bulletin board.

Communidée follows the advisory board governance model: the director (Sonya) makes the big picture decisions with input from the board of directors as well as the general membership.  The board of directors for 2019-2020 are: Valérie, Matthias, Lucie, Julie and Sonya.  To get involved with the board, please speak with a board member.

Communidée is a non-profit organization. We aim to cover the rent and basic supplies through membership fees, grassroots fundraising projects, renting out the centre for parties and events, and the summer camps.  To get involved in the summer camps or fundraising (raffle, bake sales, garage sale, etc), please speak with a board member.

Communidée members organize the activities and projects that they will pursue through planning meetings, kitchen-table discussions, and Facebook posts.  Each weekday has an administrator who helps make it all run smoothly by overseeing the calendar of planned activities for the day.  Please check in with the appropriate day admin before adding an activity to the calendar or posting it on Facebook: Valérie (Monday), Matthias (Tuesday), Lucie (Wednesday), Julie (Thursday), Sonya (Friday).

Communidée requires its homeschooling child members to be registered as such with the Quebec government.  Under the new law (July 2018), Communidée could face serious fines for having unregistered homeschoolers at the centre.  All members must attest, on our membership form, that their children at the centre are registered.  Communidée offers its members support with their educational plans, portfolios, and other dealings with the authorities.

Communidée is not a school. Our activities are are not designed to meet any educational requirements and are offered as a supplement to your homeschooling experience  However, you can feel free to include Communidée activities in reports of your children’s education.

Communidée encourages participation but will not force it. Organized activities usually take place in one of the closed rooms so that those who do not want to participate can be in the common space or in the park.  Children who are not participating are kindly asked to not disturb planned activities.

Communidée shares and lends resources. We share resources such as books, science and sports equipment, tools, and supplies.  Please use the orange sign-out book at the desk.  Please check with Sonya before borrowing anything other than books.

Communidée supports and encourages homeschooling. We try to stay abreast of the news and politics of homeschooling. We offer basic information for new homeschoolers and we try to connect homeschoolers so that they can help each other.

Communidée’s guiding philosophy is the attachment-based model of Gordon Neufeld.  We ask that all members read this short introduction to this theory, that will serve as our reference in cases of disagreement.

Communidée is a community!  Together we make it what it is 🙂