General information

Centre Communidée is a community centre for homeschooling families in the Montreal area. We are open Monday to Friday from September to June. In the summer months, we run a small drop-off day camp.

Parents are responsible for their children while at the centre. Once your child is integrated into the community, you can ask another adult to keep them for you. Each family can take on the children of not more than one other family. Teenagers, once integrated, can be given permission to be responsible for themselves.  However, at least one adult must be at the centre when teens or children are there.

Communidée is a volunteer-run organization. Each member is asked to help out with cleaning, organizing activities, and other work.

Communidée is a non-profit organization. We use membership fees and grassroots fundraising projects to pay for rent and basic supplies.

Communidée is self-organized. In the day to day, members decide together what they want to do. There are planning meetings every few months to schedule planned activities, and there are lots of spontaneous activities that happen along the way. The board of directors makes the big picture decisions.

Communidée is not a school. All activities are interest-based and are not designed to meet any educational requirements. As homeschooling families, you and your child are responsible for your child’s education. Communidée’s activities are offerred as a supplement to your homeschooling experience.

Communidée encourages participation but will not force it. Organized activities usually happen in the closed room so that those who do not want to participate can be in the common space.

Communidée shares and lends resources. We share resources such as books, science and sports equipment, tools, and supplies.

Communidée supports and encourages homeschooling. We have a lawyer and try to stay abreast of the news and politics of homeschooling. We are involved with AQED’s efforts to influence the upcoming law.  We try to connect homeschoolers so that they can help each other.

Communidée’s guiding philosophy is the attachment-based model of Gordon Neufeld.  All members must read this short introduction to this theory.


Communidée 2013-2014 from Sonya Olthof on Vimeo.