Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising Efforts


Centre Communidée is a non-profit organization with the Quebec registration number 1166068313.  We receive no external funding but instead we pay the rent and basic supplies through membership fees and grassroots fundraising projects.  Extra money is re-invested into the centre: furniture, supplies, renting the gym, buying pizza at a party, and so on.


Current fundraising efforts:

Communidée Raffle 2017: prizes will be drawn at the 10th Annual Not-Back-To-School Picnic on September 8, 2017.  Thank you to all the businesses who generously donated a prize!  Tickets are $5 or three for $10 or eight for $20.  To buy your tickets, please contact



Previous fundraising projects:

  • June 2017 – Fête de voisins garage sale and bake sale.  We made $272 for the centre!


  • May 2017 – Bake sale at the AQED Conference.  We made $488 for the centre!


  • February 2017 – We learned to knit and sold various creations to family and friends to raise money for some special field trips.


  • January 2017 – Thank you to Pearson ERPI for the generous donation of high school textbooks! Merci à Pearson ERPI pour le don généreux de livres scolaires de niveau secondaire!


  • We raised $3000 at the 9th Annual Not-Back-To-School Picnic and Raffle on September 9, 2016!
  • These family-friendly businesses generously donated a prize to our raffle.  Thank you to all our donors!

Raffle prizes handout_png


  • We had another Mega Clothing Swap on Saturday April 12, 2016, and another Craft Sale on Saturday April 30!
  • Our first Holiday Craft Sale in December 2015 was a huge success!  We raised about $3000 for the centre!
  • We had another Mega Clothing Swap in December 2015 and raised over $1000 for the centre!!
  • We raised $975 at the 2015 Not-Back-To-School Raffle!  There were 33 prizes with a total value of around $2000.  Thanks to all our sponsors for the great prizes!
  • Mega Clothing Swap – August 2015:  We charged a small cover fee and sold snacks and drinks and made $526 for the centre!
  • Garage sale at la Fête des voisins – June 2015:  We sold seedlings, clothing, books and toys, as well as lemonade and baked goods, and we made $687!
  • Christmas carolling – December 2014:  We sang sweetly through our song book a few times and earned $115 for the centre!